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Welcome to Tai Chung Travel

At Tai Chung Travel, we proud ourselves to be a high quality and professional inbound tour service group aimed in the global high-end Chinese market. Since its establishment we have been providing legal and professional trip advise for all high-end customers. Currently our services have covered New Zealand, Australia and Fiji

Tai Chung Travel has always been dedicated in creating unique and exquisite travel experience, as well as ensuring every journey are served with best attitude and full enthusiasm from our team. We promise every minute of the trip will be exciting and unforgettable. From our service clients will not only be experiencing a standard tour, however, most importantly the goal is to create a relaxing environment which can separate clients from their normal life style by our well prepared and professional team member which are trained to adapt and solve problems in every situation.

Why It Should be Us

Pre-Tour Advisor

Pre-Tour advisor is here to prepare and guide you through the difficulties of your travel. Combined with varies high end resources in the market, thereby creating a comprehensive travel experience. we have established varies of local travel agency, covering a rapid amount of area, ensuring our serves are there with you wherever you want to be at.

Inbound Tour Team

As an Inbound Operator, we have years of experience in handling both high end resource and customers, with 100% efficiency, making your tour more valuable than ever. We also have experts in areas such as astronomy, history, extreme sports to be a team leader, increasing the tour experiment by expanding the depth and width of every potential asset. Eventually achieving the final goal of creating a new era for the Chinses tour service.

Post- Tour Experience

If you think our servers ended the moment your tour ends, I can reassure you it does not. At Tai Chung, we hope to bring you not just one simple travel schedule but to open the door to your future needs in the tourism industry. saving the experiments into our data store which will always be ready once you chose us again.

Our Services

Inbound Operator

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Travel Consultant

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Private D+V Package

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Essential Partners

Established at 2013, Tai Chung already been in the service of few but famous co-operation, such as Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited, Fonterra Ltd, Hua Wei technology Com Ltd, Tencent holding Ltd, Waikato Institute of Technology, Education New Zealand, Air New Zealand etc.

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Level 12, 55-65 Shortland Street, City Center, Auckland 1010